I am a designer and technology specialist.


My wide-ranging work centers on storytelling, crafted through technology.


Making is at my core, and the synthesis of meaning and making is my superpower.


In my fortunately unique career path, full of collaboration, instruction, innovation, and risk, I have developed an open mind and a patient, synthetic process.


My contribution is the critical understanding of how to move the expression of a (design) story procedurally and poetically from an intangible idea to a tactile physical presence.


My experience transcends media - encompassing and integrating audio, visual, virtual, and physical forms.


My world has been filled with sound performances, fine art, craft, R&D, equipment procurement, leading workshops, teaching students, and digital fabrication.


My process in applied craft is founded in ongoing research of both historic methods and evolving tools. It proceeds through prototyping and the identification of appropriate, but just as often, mis-appropriated technologies.


My desire and ability to expand design thinking is satisfying to me, and infectious and inspiring to others. I strive for a better future through thoughtful design, and to be an empathetic team member, educator, and mentor.